Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Bride...A new set and our new glass!

Here is our newest set of magnets.  The Bride.  Just four little 1 inch magnets could say so much about how you feel about your friend getting married....or your mood...or even about your love of old horror flicks. This set was recently featured in a great treasury from a really great skin care shop:
Gotta love, love Gothic sugar scrubs!
And here is the treasury:

We have recently upgraded our glass and all magnets are now made with absolutely crystal clear glass tiles.  It is truly the most beautiful glass I could find.  I love it!  I cannot believe what a difference it makes with the quality of the images.  They all still have neodymium magnets and non-toxic glaze, just way better glass.

I also am staring work on my new polymer clay series of magnets.  I can't wait to debut them, so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay magnetized!!!!

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