Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mosaic class and the newest and hottest magnets sets!!!

I have been busy getting magnetized....and I started taking a mosaic class at a glass studio that is wayyyyy off in the mountains that surround my house.  Mosaic is right up my alley.  I can't wait to start incorporating some of the tiles and images I use for magnets into the mosaic designs.  I think candle holders would be so awesome!  The candle light would shine through the paper and the glass.  Gorgeous!  My teacher is an incredible artist named Terri Zimmerman.  You can find examples of her and her husband's work here:
 I cannot believe that I get to learn from such talented artists!

Keep your eyes peeled for some mosaic pieces popping up in my Etsy shop!

And now the unveiling of my newest sets of magnets........

Cats with Mustaches Tabby Style Set of Six Square One Inch Magnets

Pin Up Girls Set of Six Square One Inch Magnets

Peacock Set of Six Magnets




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