Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taking the Time for Better Pictures

I make magnets.  I make candles.  I love them both.  I do not, however, love taking pictures of them.  I have worked and worked at trying to make them better, but a photographer I am not. I spent this morning working on pictures of the candles I made last night and getting better shots of some of the magnets I have made,and it took alllll morning long. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting better shots?  I would love to hear them!

I am so excited to announce 3 new fragrance lines in my candle shop:
Across the Universe~A zen blend of fresh bamboo, green tea, and lemongrass
Buzzbomb~Hazelnut Cappuccino touched with egg nog latte and Amaretto
Harvest Moon~A limited Edition fall fragrance~Pumpkin, hay accord, nectarine,clove and vanilla

I found the greatest glassware at the Wenatchee Goodwill and "reclaimed" the containers there.  That is my favorite way to make candles.  Make something old, new again!

And here they are:
Buzzbomb in an upcycled toothbrush holder!
Harvest Moon Votives.  So pretty!

Across The Universe

Across the Universe in a pretty vintage tea cup.

Buzzbomb in an upcycled coffee mug.

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