Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Cold Process Soap!!!!

Today I had the best, and a little nerve wracking, time making my first batch of cold process soap.  I have been dying to make soap from scratch for a loooonnnng time, and today was the day!
I got a cold process kit from and my dad had made me a wooden soap mold a while ago.  Today I filled it up!!!
If you have never heard of cold process soap making, it is basically creating soap from various oils(coconut, palm, olive and others) and sodium hydroxide(lye) and water.  I am in no way saying go out and buy some oil and lye and make soap!  I have watched hours of tutorials, read 4 books on the subject and attended a soap class at Otion, in Bellingham, WA.
 With all that research under my belt, I finally felt ready to gear up with goggles and gloves and get to soaping!
My candle making prepared me for knowing how all elements are important. The proper weights and temperatures are key to getting a wonderful batch of soapy, lathery goodness.
I really wanted to get more pictures of the process but my good sense(which can be limited at times, but today it was in full force) dictated that I shouldn't stop, to just stay focused.
But I did get some groovy pictures of the finished product!

Hello my lovely!  I have been waiting a long time to meet you!!!

My recipe today contained coconut, palm, olive, castor and meadowfoam oils.  I scented it with lavender and peppermint essential oils.  Like the first bar I made in my class at Otion.  I split the batch in half, just trying to be a little tricky you know, and colored one half with titanium oxide and leaving the other half neutral.  I swirled them a bit and I am not sure how the cut bars will look, but in my mind they will be a groovy tone on tone whitish(etheral....).
I shall name her: La Luna!!!!

The top was fine the way it was but I could not stop myself from messing around a bit and adding a little spoon swirl!
I cannot wait to cut into the soap tomorrow using the coolest mitre box ever...Thanks DAD!!!!

I will update you with pictures of the cut bars!!!

Be well and stay magnetized to what keeps you clean!!!!(like soap)

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