Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have found a new obsession!!

My lovely kumquat soap!!
Today I had the pleasure of making my first bar of melt and pour soap.  It was soooo fun. And fast and really not to complicated.  I used a low sweat clear melt and pour soap that I picked up at Otion yesterday.  I did re-watch the Soap Queen's youtube tutorial about mp soap before I started.  I have watched her tutorials about a million times waiting for the day I had a little time to try this.
I fragranced my soap with a gorgeous kumquat scent.  Sounds weird?  It is about the cleanest citrus scent out there!!!  Love it!!  I also split the pound of soap base in 2 and colored 1/2 with yellow mica and the other with red mica.  I swirled it around as I poured and the micas started blend(more than I thought they would) and suddenly my soap looked like a.....kumquat!!!
Added bonus, my house smells fantastic.
I let the soap cool and unmolded it from the 99 cent pan I picked up at the Goodwill and sliced it up.
Can't wait til tomorrow's shower.  The only question is how am I going to use all the soap I know I will be making?  I am so glad the holidays are just around the corner.
Slicing was super fun!
The perfect shade of kumquat!

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