Monday, January 23, 2012

Back and Blogging with a Vengeance!

So the end of 2011 was bonkers for my 2 Etsy shops, and it has taken me a couple of weeks to recover artistically and spiritually(read: I have taken lots of naps lately).  The holiday season was so much fun, but allowed little time for developing new ideas and building on them.  But this weeks big snow storm brought tons of inspiration and beauty with it.  I went downstairs to my studio and got to work.
Incredible snow on Friday 1/20/12

And this amazing!  
 I love living in Leavenworth and I take a ton of inspiration by the beauty I see just walking out my door.  I cannot wait for what 2012 holds for my creative side and what it holds for this beautiful world!
Be ready to hear much more from me this year as I feature things that inspire, other amazing artists and whatever it is that I create.
Be blessed and stay magnetized(to what amazes you)!

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