Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I went to Otion today!

We had to got to the beautiful, funky ,cool town of Bellingham,WA today to take care of some very important business.  Once we got done with the boring task at hand I just had to go to Otion: The Soap Bar.  I order candle wax and fragrance from so I thought I would check and see if I could pick some up and save a little(a lot!) in shipping. 
This shop is absolutely incredible for those of us who are obsessed with fragrance, soap, bath and body, skin care, and hand made cosmetics.  My soaping friend, Shawna, the owner of The Bubblery here in Leavenworth, has inspired me to try soapmaking.  I have been with obsessed with soap lately and have been dying to try my hand at it.  I love melting things(candles) and fragrance, and being clean(who doesn't?) so soap seems totally up my alley.
Otion has everything you need to make all kinds of products for personal use, gifts and for sale.  They also offer classes on all kinds of soap making and they have a lotion bar where you pump out your fave lotion and add your own choice of scent!  Faboo!  My mind mind turned to mush....I smelled everything in the store....
Erik, the store manager was able to get me a large box of soy candle wax. He was super cool and recommended a  great place for lunch too!  I got to go pick it up at the warehouse where my previous orders had shipped from(I got to see where they make the magic happen).
But I could not leave with out picking up some melt and pour soap supplies.  I got the low-sweat mp base in clear and white, some mica's and oxides, and gorgeous fragances.
I am keeping them hush hush till tomorrow's blog so I can do the big reveal with photos.
I also have signed up for the cold process soap making class and I am over the moon about it!!!  More on that later.
Can't wait to show you soap!!!!!

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