Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can you hear the smell?

As you may or may not know, I create candles based on my all time favorite rock songs.  I custom blend the fragrance oils and make completely unique scents based on how I think that song would smell.  Sounds goofy right?  I think so too, but I do know that most of my realllly good memories have a song and a smell attached.  That is what I would like my candles to do for others.  Help a house be a home.  Make a memory.  Create an atmosphere.  Here are some examples:
Strawberry Fields Forever: French Tulip, Strawberry, and Fresh Grass

And in Melts too!

Across The Universe-Fresh Bamboo, Green Tea, and Lemongrass

The daisy lids are super cool!

Stairway To Heaven-Dandelion, Heliotrope, Fresh Grass

Click here to find out about Heliotrope
 I always want to know what songs and smells are attached to other people's memories.  Write a post and let me know!

Stay magnetized to  what makes your memories memorable!

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