Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cold Process Here I Come! (my dad is the greatest!)

My father is the most awesome father around!  He has been a carpenter his whole life and can pretty much build anything.  He instilled the DYI attitude in me.  If you don't have it, try and make it!

Rewind back to November...I went to Otion: The Soap Bar, in Bellingham,WA and to their cold process soap making class. It was an instant obsession for me and I have been trying to get into my studio to make soap ever since.  Well, then the holidays happened and everything went bonkers(in a happy way), so it went on the back burner til now.  YAY! Now I am ready to get my supplies and get soaping.  Brambleberry is where I will be getting all of my oils and butters and they have an awesome cold process kit that I have been drooling over for months!  That is where I am going to start.
One thing I do know is that I want my soap to be poured in a wood mold.  That is where my dad comes in.  I didn't have all the tools to build my own soap molds, but my dad does.  I sent him a link to a picture of a soap mold and this is what the genius of a man came up with:
Beautiful soap mold goodness...

The whole thing comes apart to make for easy soap removal.

A "far superior mitre box"(direct quote) for cutting

My friend Shawna from The Bubblery, here in Leavenworth, has been a huge inspiration to really focus on making a business of hand made, because she does it every day. Her being able to take her craft and creativity and turn it into a brick and mortar store and a brand(for crying out loud) is something that amazes me every time I go there to drop off some candles.  She also makes soap way more fun than I thought it ever could be, and so I give her credit for sparking the soapy fire that is now burning in me.  Soaponification, I am on my way....

Stay magnetized to what keeps you clean!!!!!


  1. I can't wait to see and smell the sudsy creations you make!