Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Perfume Oils and Lady Marmalade!

I am so proud to introduce the first two perfume oils that I made!  Perfume Oil is a wonderful way to wear fragrance and for those of us that are sensitive to alcohol they work perfectly.  Did you know that because the fragrance is worn so close to the skin that it combines with your own chemistry and the fragrance becomes your own?  I love it!

The oil itself is fractionated coconut oil.  It is silky smooth and dries very quickly.  It is moisturizing for the skin and does not have that beginning alcohol burn that most spray fragrances have.(That is what makes most sneezes after spraying happen!).  The fragrance is blended by me then added to the oil.  Easy as pie!  And I love the results just as much.
I love perfume oils because you can apply them after you have gotten dressed and occasionally throughout the day with out staining your clothes or ruining your jewelry. The 7ml glass bottles also fit perfectly into your purse or bag.

Here are the new fragrances:
Little Wing: 
I was inspired by Jimi....It is my interpretation of Monoi Tiare Tahiti. It features the gorgeous scent of the tiare flower(or Tahitian gardenia) with a touch of orchid. An exceptionally beautiful floral fragrance, close your eyes and it will take you some place tropical.
Fly on......

Never Forget You:
This fragrance makes me absolutely crazy!!!! Patchouli is sweetened with lovely orange and then brought back to the spicy side with clove and ginger. A slight musk lingers in the citrus and it will make you never be forgotten. I promise!

The little rollers are so cute!!

 New Candle Fragrance in Mason Jar!
Gitchi Gitchi YA YA!
Lady Marmalade is a heady combination of tart cranberry, crisp apple and a touch of citrus.
This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Cinnamon, Clove and Orange.  And now it is in the awesome 8 mason jar!
Love it!!!!

Watch out soon for the Tootsie Give Away!!!!!!
Be well and stay magnetized to what  keeps you smelling awesome!


  1. MmMMHMMMM me too! Can't wait to feature your rosette jewels here! And maybe a little give away...who knows????