Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today I am the WEBINATOR!

Click here to go to my website!  I would love feed back!
All night I have been working on my web site.  Having an online business requires you to have a web site.  Or does it?  I truly love my Etsy shops but I get tired of the re-listing it takes to keep my shops where they can be noticed.  I waffled between only being on Etsy and expanding to my own site for a really long time.  Like a year and a half. 
But I decided to take a leap and put a website together.  And I am still waffling.  I love it some days and I hate it some days.
 I have had a great time with it tonight and I even figured out how to get the correct shipping on all of my items!  BREAKTHROUGH!!
This is one of the groovy collages I put together for the site!
I love how personal I can make the site feel.  It is mine.  It is almost art to me.  Creating something out of nothing.  And it doesn't look like any other site out there.  That is a big difference from the Etsy format, that makes it easy to list, but denies the seller their own personal touch, for the most part.

But back to my original question.  Or does it?  Do you need an Etsy shop, a Luulla shop, an Artfire shop(or any other site), AND your own web site?
I guess it is determined to what your budget is and to what your time limits are.  And I guess I am going to find out.
I would love to know what others think about pre-set market places vs. their own web sites!
Tell me! Tell me!
A little more collagey eye candy!  I love these!!

Be well and stay magnetized to what you think makes your shops tick!!!


  1. Love the new website! Congratulations!

    Please make a candle called "Don't Stop Believin'!" And please make a "Sister Christian" scented candle.

    Keep up the good work! Love your blog!

  2. Wow! Those are great songs....thinking of fragrances now...