Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome to March! Spring has got to be on the way.
There is nothing like the thrill of getting a commission account.  And I have been fortunate enough to be contacted by Simply-Catherine in Pasco,Wa., a new hand made shop, to carry PiixlWix there.
Holy cats!!!  I have made a ton of candles for her new store.

A little Goin' up the Country on the curing table.

We are headed down to Pasco on Tuesday to drop off the candles and I cannot wait to meet Catherine.  I am always so thrilled to hear of a brick and mortar shop opening up that features artisan items.  

Some rockin' wax on its way!
One of the most important ways I live my life by is:
Buy local, support handmade, and make something yourself.
And Catherine is really doing it!
I will keep you posted on meeting Catherine and bring you some pictures of her new store.

My studio smells better than it ever has!   

I was having a good time with Photoshop tonight!

See magic neon it slight of hand???

Be well and stay magnetized to what hand made means to you!!