Monday, February 27, 2012

Samples and the Village they come from!

I am just so excited to let everyone know about Sampler Village!  I was able to include some samples from PiixlWix Candle Company in the upcoming March boxes!  SQUUUEEEE! 
Do you know about sampler boxes?  I did not until Traci(who is truly the NICEST person ever!) contacted me via FaceFook and asked me to participate.  
For those of you not in the know, sampler boxes are a way for handy makers to offer up samples of their goods and and a way for folks to try allllll kinds of goodies!  The Sampler Village boxes are absolutely fabulous and full of great try me sizes from various, very talented crafters and artisans
Here is what February's box looked like
Sampalicious  Goodness!!!

Holy cats!!!  What a bunch of fun! How much fun would that be to go through a box like that?
Crafty sample Heaven, I tell ya!!!
They only go on sale once a month and sell out quickly and you can check out the Sampler Village website here to get your box!
Click the Picture!!!WHEE!

And for everyone that has a hand made business it is an awesome way to let others see what you make.  There is no better way than to give someone a sample and a business card, so people can see what you do!  This is exactly what Sampler Village is all about.  Letting potential customers know about your business in a super fun way.  Traci, the owner of Sampler Village is super cool and answers all your questions really fast and is always very excited to get new Villagers in the boxes.
If you have never done a sampler box, I definitely recommend it. You can reach Traci to talk to her at the Sampler Village website.  It has been so much fun designing and figuring out what my samples were going to look like and what the were going to contain.
Here is a sneak peek:
 Yummy Yummy Samples!
I had such a blast making them!

Be well and stay magnetized to thinking outside The Box!
(and to what might be inside it!)