Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creation, Promotion, Gratitude

So, I run 2 online businesses as well as a full time position as a hairstylist.  I have to promote all 3 businesses and still have time to create new products for my candle and magnets.  And stay current with hair trends and take care of my clientele.  It is an absolute tight rope walk that is scary, fun, dangerous at times, and totally fulfilling.  The creative part that is.  The promotion part is, well, tough.

I would love to stay in my studio and make stuff all day and have people knocking on my door wanting candles...And then go into my salon and have my books be totally full and do hair the rest of the day. And have those things magically happen. That is not my reality. 

I create....I work...I post...I blog...I work...I kiss my dogs...I work...I promote...I kiss my soon to be hubby...And I work.
See a recurring theme?  WORK, I tell ya!!
And I love it and would not have it any other way.  The gratitude that I have for that said work is unbelievable!  
The sense of community and great friends that I have gotten simply by making things that I love and promoting them is a payout that I did not expect when I started my hand crafty journey.
Thank you to everyone that has helped me on my way....Repeat 1000 times!

Now it is your turn!!!
I would to know what makes you grateful, how you love to promote, and what you love to create!  Post away!

Be well and simply stay magnetized. 


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