Monday, February 13, 2012

Stuff is good...Stories are better!

 Oh how I love to window shop on Etsy.  I have spent MANY hours tripping through the shops, page after page of fabulousness..But do you take time away from all the handmade eye candy and inspiration for(omg!I must try that!) your next project to read the stories that drive the artists?  I admit to spending way to much time looking at pretty pictures and not enough time reading their stories.  Here are some shops that I love not only for the GORGEOUS photos but for their truly groovy stories.
Emily and Mike are a super fierce soap making duo.  Their vegan, natural cold process soap is created out of passion.  I know, I have used their soap, until my husband absconded it and took it to the downstairs shower and I never, ever saw it again.
Their ideals behind what they call an "indie business" are what blew me away.  This is a quote from their profile:
"Together we are teaching and passing on our talents and love for the crafts and arts of old. We are also passing the next generation an example of a life more focused on LIVING."
Thanks Soap For Your Soul!!!

 ♥ AD LOVE ♥ clothing is specially hand painting and hand screen printed with Love by designer Angel D'Amico. Hand Screen Printed Clothing Designs. Her Designs are all unique to her, and the screen print process is done by hand. Sometimes she will embellish designs with paint splatters, or sewing.  Amazing!!
She is Currently Art Directing, Designing, and Illustrating Truestar Magazine. True Star Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides a creative outlet in the form of literary and professional development programs for youth. The program transitions youth entering early adulthood by exposing them to positive real world experiences.
And her designs are for everyone!!  She has a great selection of plus size items and if you can't find a style you like, you can send her a piece of clothing you do like and she will custom print it for you!!
I am sucker for skulls..and purple!!!! Love this!

BlancheB started beading and jewelry making to help parlay the expense of vet bills when her dog, Blanche(the company's name sake) got ill.  I would have done the same thing!
She loves being a part of a community that treasures handcrafted items and it shows in the quality of her work with jewelry as well as these awesome hair pins.  You can't ever have enough hair pins....
May the Luck 'O the Irish be with your hair!!!!

And yes....I own these....Could not stop myself!!!!

I am proud to own items from these shops and knowing their stories brings life to the objects that I surround my self with.  Thank you for sharing your stories and your passion to us all!

Be well and stay magnetized to making your story strong!


  1. Love your writing style- thanks so much for the feature and for making yummy candles too!

  2. thanks so much! love it! heres my facebook too!

    Angel - AD LOVE

  3. Very creative and colourful write-up! I adore BlancheB's jewelry and hair pins :)
    A highly recommended shop for OOAK vintage touched creations.

  4. Found you through the Grow Your Blog hop! Showing you some bloggy love by following you via GFC and Linky.