Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love to Re-Claim? So do I!!!

I love glassware.  My mom and I have a deep love of finding a dish, a vase, or a plate that had a life way back when and was discarded and needs a new life.
That is why I started to put candles in the pretty items that, with time, had gotten tarnished and tattered and no one wanted anymore.  I scour thrift stores and garage sales looking for the right dish that tells me to fill it up with wax and make someone love it again.
Now that it is beginning to look like spring(in some places, not here in the foothills of the Cascades), it is time to think spring candles!!
There is nothing better after a day of shaking of winter around your house than lighting a fresh, pretty candle.  And you feel even better when it is in a recycled container...

Purple Haze Votives in the prettiest frosted cups.  Lilac with a hint of grape..yum!!

Across the Universe in a lovely crystal candy dish.

And my favorite one of all....Across the Universe in this delicate tea cup.  Perfect for Mom on Mother's Day.
You can find these candles in my Etsy shop.  WHEEE!!!

Be well and stay magnetized to the fact that spring is on its way!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simply-Catherine's Is Now Open!!!

Open Sesame!!!!
On Tuesday Simply-Catherines opened its doors!!!!  What an exciting day it was for Catherine and Jason!  An amazing end to a six month long journey to open a shop devoted to locally, hand made items.  It is indie at its best!
First off I want to say THANK YOU to Catherine an Jason for taking a huge leap to help along those artists, and crafts people who work so hard on their passions.  Having another venue to exposure for our goods is invaluable to the whole community.
Simply-Catherine's is located in Pasco, WA at 3315 West Court ST. in a big beautiful building, that will be filled with more shops.  It will be a great asset to the community and I am super proud that PiixlWix Candle Company is a part of it.
I love the colors on this building!!
The fun sign out front.

And there is PiixlWix!!!
Simply-Catherine's is offering a wide assortment of hand made items including, but not limited to, soaps and bath and body items, beautiful wood boxes and pens, cards, lots of fabric goods for the family, photography, and of course her own organically styled(and gorgeous!!) jewelry.

Her husband, Jason, made all of the displays.  Amazing!
Thank you again Catherine and Jason for taking the jump for us all!!
 I wish everyone the best of luck!!!!
Be well and stay magnetized to following your passion!!!!!